Spark Erosion (EDM) Copper Electrodes

Etched EDM Electrode

We offer a fast and cost effective manufacturing service for deep engraved copper electrodes (also known as EDM electrodes or Spark Erosion electrodes) photo-etched from your file or drawing.

We custom manufacture all our copper electrodes from your design and to your specification so that you get the exact part that you require for your manufacturing. Our electrodes are used and trusted by injection moulding and tool manufacturers world wide.

Our electrodes offer

  • Economy
  • Speed
  • Perfect Reproduction

Each copper electrode is deep etched to a depth of 40 thou (1 mm) and will be identical to your design

Whether your work is for logos or lettering, your order will be no problem for us.
An electrode can be made to be forward or reverse reading, raised or recessed.
Our company can also handle fine detail work effortlessly.

We are confident that when you buy from us you will be happy with our service, so why not give us a call today!

We quote for each order individually so please contact us for further details and prices.